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£147 Packard Bell DOT SE-R-110UK - Red Netbook

Packard Bell brings to you the DOT S-E-R-110UK netbook which is bright red in colour and is packed with optimum level components fit for an ideal netbook.

Powered by the Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz processor and 1GB of RAM this netbook definitely won’t let you down while you are working away in your car or train or airplane while on the more.

The 10.1-inch screen is an ideal size for a netbook display and with 1024x600 pixel resolution the screen would provide you with a comfortable viewing experience for your operating system user interface or while you are watching movies.

At 160GB of storage space, the netbook provides enough space to store all your digital wealth – be it documents, songs, movies. Agreed, that the HDD is not at par with other netbooks that might be out there, but considering that the netbook would only be used while you are on the move, you might not need more than 10-20 GB to work with. So, ideally 160GB HDD can be sidelined.

With wireless capability you can say connected to the internet as long as you want and the USB ports makes sure that you are all set to connect your other electronic gadgets for access to songs, photos, movies, etc.

The Packard Bell DOT SE-R-110UK - Red Netbook is available from eBay for £147.