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Apple iPod Classic Lives On, But For How Long?

So Apple hasn't killed the iPod Classic, but the fact that it wasn't even mentioned in the "let's talk iPhone" event (which saw ample references to the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch) means that the venerable music player is all but dead.

We were expecting the worse after Apple yanked iPod clickwheel games from the App store last week, which left us to believe that the iPod Classic was on its way out.

The device is very good at one thing only though, storing vast amounts of songs. It costs £199 and has 160GB storage capacity - more than twice the 64GB offered by the iPod Touch - with the most recent (and probably last) update being carried back in 2009.

It's worth highlighting that of all the devices announced yesterday, all but one, the iPod Nano ran on iOS, which means that we're slowly moving to a scenario where iOS (or a hybrid Lion/iOS operating system) becomes the underlying platform of all Apple products, mobile or not.

One has to believe that sales figures are good enough for Apple to keep selling and supporting it. For how long? As long as there's demand for it we believe. But don't be surprised if Apple kills it next year with the release of a 128GB iPod Touch.

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