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AppleCare+ with Accidental Damage Cover Unveiled by Apple

Cupertino based technology giant Apple Inc. announced on Tuesday that it is offering a new and improved AppleCare+ insurance plan, aimed at providing users with an extra year of ownership and technical support. In addition, there will be coverage for two instances of accidental damages too, the company revealed.

The new offering from the company - the enhanced AppleCare+ plan will be made available from October 14, and it will cost users only $99. However, the company also stated that the plan can be purchased only along with a new iPhone.

The company’s existing AppleCare program costs users $69, but it does not provide any assistance for additional damages. If in case users want to go for an accidental damage replacement, it costs users $49 for each such instance. In comparison to that, those who subscribe to the AppleCare+ plan will be facilitated with an additional year of technical assistance.

As of now, the company seems to be a bit reluctant towards offering the enhanced insurance plan to other Apple products apart from the iPhone. Thus, users won’t have the privilege of safeguarding their devices such as iMac or MacBook Pro with the new plan.