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Apple's 'iTunes in the Cloud' Coming Soon to the UK

Apple iTunes is about to release the music storage service iCloud in Europe. It is expected the UK will be the first major market outside of USA to acquire authorisation.

There is also indication that Apple might discontinue the iPod Classic to focus on next generation Internet connected devices.

The “iTunes in the Cloud”, available in the US since June, allows users to buy music from the iTunes Music Store to synchronize with other multimedia devices like iPhones, PCs and iPads using wireless connections. Previously, it was a lengthy process that involved connecting to the computer to synchronize them.

Apple, the leader of innovative technology, has sealed the “iTunes in the Cloud” deal with four major music companies EMI, Warner, Sony and Universal.

The announcement “iTunes in the Cloud” in Europe was made by the Chief Executive of Apple Tim Cook on Tuesday along with the launch of iPhone 5 in the US.

This latest iTune service is a significant part of the free iCloud service which is a broader service provided by Apple. This service also helps to synchronize users’ photos and videos to servers and allows downloading to registered devices.