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Dell to Possibly Release PowerEdge 12G Server Q1 2012

During a keynote address CEO Michael Dell discussed Dell’s Perot Systems consulting business, Kace management tools, Boomi cloud integration service and Dell’s ServerWorks security service. He also hinted that in the first quarter of 2012 the future PowerEdge 12G server will be introduced.

In further comments, Dell said that as soon as Intel gets its “Sandy Bridge EP” Xeon E5 processors released Dell will also launch its server. This should create a more expansive playing field in the server marketplace.

This keynote is one of nine the CEO has made over the past few months. Other keynote speeches may follow as Dell continues to promote its new products and services.

In regards to storage capability, Dell said that the company will integrate “tier 0 storage right into the server” in which the server will speak from the front-ending arrays of the external storage to the flash storage which is located inside the server and thus making them operate seamlessly together. In Dell’s words, ”You can't get any closer to the CPU."