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Employee Strike in Manchester at Fujitsu Suspended Indefinitely After Labour Agreement Reached

On Tuesday, the Consecutive Party conference witnessed a planned demonstration by the workers of the Fujitsu company in Manchester. The group suspended their strike to plan the demonstration.

After reaching an agreement with the company, employees of Fujitsu represented by trade union, Unite, declared the strike has been “suspended indefinitely."

In a dispute that began last month Unite claimed that the company victimised and breached agreements over pay, pensions, union recognition and redundancy. These claims lead to a strike which lasted for a month. The strike not only damaged the company monetarily, but also damaged its reputation.

On 19th September at Central park, Manchester where the IT company’s office is located, members of Unite staged a 24-hour walk out.

Besides the walkout, workers also demonstrated outside the Tory conference where the CEO of Fujitsu company was scheduled to address a fringe meeting.

A statement made by the union that the strike has been suspended indefinitely has been confirmed by the company.

Fujitsu provides IT services, products, solutions and cloud services. Any sort of strike can easily affect customers in need of company IT support.