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iPhone 4S a Stopgap until 4G LTE iPhone 5 in Spring?

Worldwide opinion related to the newly born iPhone 4S is mixed at the moment, more enthusiasm in the West is balanced by a more reserved reaction in China, an increasingly important Apple market.

Some analysts are predicting we'll have to wait until next spring to see a fifth generation iPhone incorporating 4G Long-Term Evolution data speeds that will meet the worldwide high expectations.

Will Strauss, president of analyst firm Forward Concepts, presented his explanation (opens in new tab) to Cnet of why the release of highly expected iPhone 5 as delayed (and we have 'just' the 4S). Apple is very serious about introducing true 4G LTE speeds to the market and about integrating this feature in its fifth generation iPhone.

In the mean time Apple has introduced the intermediate iPhone 4S as an upgrade is long overdue. Apple has bought a series of patents related to LTE but the company was not yet ready to make the related design sacrifices imposed by integration of the new technology. A suitable 'single chip' LTE solution could be available by Q2 next year, according to the CEO of computer hardware magazine Anandtech, Anand Shimpi.

Customer reaction expressed today on major technology sites worldwide indicate mixed feelings about the release of the iPhone 4S. Some of the most negative opinions were declared by Chinese bloggers, who were especially disappointed by the design and not that impressed by the internal changes and software features.

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