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Microsoft Reasons Why Start Menu was Changed in Windows 8

The Windows maker Microsoft Corp. explained on Tuesday the reason behind it killing the Windows 7 Start Menu, and replacing the same with a start screen in the company’s forthcoming offering - the Windows 8 OS platform.

According to the company, the usage of the Windows 7 start menu lowered almost dramatically -- by 11 percent, in between Windows Vista and Windows 7. It was also revealed that the usage of a number of specialised Start functions such as exploring pictures etc., dropped by as much as 61 percent.

Microsoft earlier made an honest effort in order to communicate with developers and the Windows fan-boys through a number of blog posts.

A latest blog post by a program manager in Microsoft's Core Experience team, Chaitanya Sareen, claimed that the attention of the Windows 8 developers team was now concentrated on its user interface.

“While 11 percent may seem like a small number at first, across our hundreds of millions of customers it is eye opening to see such a drop for a universally recognizable element of the Windows interface," Sareen wrote, according to this PC Mag report.

"We're not talking about some hidden setting that is tweaked by a minority of people - we're talking about a fundamental piece of Windows that people are using less and less," he added.