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Mozilla Advises Firefox Users Disable McAfee ScriptScan Until System Crash Issues Resolved

Mozilla is advising users to disable the McAfee ScriptScan software, claiming that it might lead to security and stability problems.

The software, which comes with McAfee’s VirusScan antivirus program, scans the web browser for malicious scripts and offers users a safer web browsing experience. However, according to Mozilla, the software causes the web browser to crash a lot, as reported by PC World.

Mozilla stated in a post that it had blocked the ScriptScan add-on because it resulted in a high volume of crashes. The company also claimed that the problem affected users of McAfee ScriptScan versions 14.4.0 and below for all versions of Firefox and SeaMonkey.

“Users are strongly encouraged to disable the problematic add-on or plug-in, but may choose to continue using it if they accept the risks described,” Mozilla said.

“McAfee has identified the cause and is working actively with the Firefox team to resolve this issue and expects to roll out an update shortly,” said a McAfee spokesperson said in a statement, claiming that the problem affects only the users of Firefox 7.