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Mozilla blocks McAfee ScriptScan add-on

Mozilla, the organisation behind the popular open source Firefox web browser, has blocked an add-on from McAfee which it claims causes numerous crashes.

A Bugzilla posting from last last month drew the group's attention to the issue, whereby an extension designed to increase security causes all versions of Firefox to crash unexpectedly - hardly what McAfee had in mind when it created the add-on.

McAfee ScriptScan is a Firefox add-on which claims to help protect users by automatically checking scripts located in or linked to from web pages before they are executed by the host browser. It's a neat idea, but if it comes with a host of browser crashes it's hardly better than the issue it seeks to solve.

To allow McAfee chance to fix the problem, Mozilla has set the block to cover all versions up to 14.4.0 - the most recent - but nothing higher, meaning that McAfee can attempt to fix the issue and release an updated version which no longer causes crashes.

This is far from the first time Mozilla has opted to block or warn users about extensions on its products: it has previously blocked software from Microsoft and even another McAfee product, SiteAdvisor.

McAfee's customer forums are filled with users who have found their ScriptScan software bringing up errors in Firefox, and the company promises to have an update out 'shortly' to fix the issue. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.