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Remedy, Lionhead, THQ Reportedly Working on Titles for Xbox 720

The Insider section of the Xbox World’s latest issue has mentioned that for the next generation of this gaming console a number of games are in the process of development.

According to CVG, the Insider column of Xbox World mentioned that “a number of Microsoft-friendly developers are hard at work on prepping next gen games”.

Continuing with the same claim it further made a comment that this could be the reason “why Remedy are quite about the Alan Wake 2?” The column also clarified that Remedy is not the whole and sole team to dabble in the console to be launched in the future, Rare, Lionhead and Turn 10 also has their teams working in place.

Rumours are also circulating on the web that Rare is prototyping ideas for a more mature title. Lionhead, as per the rumour section of the official Xbox magazine is working on Fable 4.

On Saints Row 4, CVG reported that according to the Xbox World magazine, Volition and THQ are at the stage of planning for Saints Row 4 but this is definitely not for this generation.

The same column in the Insider section of the magazine mentioned that “We’d have this pencilled in as an Xbox 720 title”.