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Samsung Plans to Block iPhone 4S Sales in Italy and France

It would be an understatement to say that Apple and Samsung have a very complicated relationship. While fighting over top position in the smartphone market, as well as contesting about 20 lawsuits in courts all over the world, the two companies also are business partners having huge deals for components.

Now, with Apple's iPhone 4S just unveiled and Samsung's Nexus Prime to be released in just a few days, Samsung is threatening to stop iPhone 4S sales in two important European markets.

As Reuters reports (opens in new tab), Samsung Electronics is about to file patent-infringement claims in French and Italian courts and preliminary injunction requests will be filed on Wednesday, according to a Samsung official.

The South Korean giant previously considered that "Apple has continued to flagrantly violate intellectual property rights and free-ride on (Samsung) technology", as the unnamed official declared. Since April this year a court-battle has been ongoing between the two companies and more than 20 cases are currently open in 10 countries.

On the other hand, Apple is Samsung's biggest customer, buying chips and displays from the South Korean manufacturer. If Apple cancels or drastically reduces orders, Samsung could face serious losses, though this would be detrimental to both companies at present.

Despite the war raging on in the background, analysts and customers are seeing more and more innovative technology emerging from the two adversaries / partners.

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