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Web Development Techniques Taught at UK Tech Days

UK Tech Days presents a new training series that promises to teach participants how to create web apps for IE9. Web apps have become quite popular in recent years and knowing how to create apps on various platforms such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer is necessary as these platforms vary in construction and in the tools provided. Site Pinning for IE9 is one topic for discussion during this online conference as well as HTML 5 and its advantages over HTML4 and AJAX.

This conference is free to attend and open to anyone with an interest in learning how to create apps for IE9. Web developers, students, online marketers and those with an interest in trying to create or enhance existing apps should attend.

Having a variety of people with different levels of expertise should make this conference more enjoyable for all. Trainers include Martin Beeby and a special guest to be announced during the conference. Experts in their fields, the trainers will provide insights and information not found in articles or other literature about web app creation.

In addition to a training session will be an interactive discussion. During this time, participants will be asked to submit questions and comments about what they have just learned in addition to any concerns they have about IE9 or web app creation in general. It is through this interactive discussion that participants will receive answers to questions formed during the training session.

Prior to the online conference, participants will receive a registration confirmation email containing links to video content aimed at teaching the fundamentals of web development and app creation. It important that participants review these videos beforehand to create a foundation for learning more advanced web app creation techniques. This is especially important for novice web developers who may not have much experience in using IE9. Armed with background information, participants can focus on advanced information provided instead of spending time going over the basics.

This conference is scheduled to last 2 hours. During this time, web app creation techniques, IE9 tools and ways to differentiate between websites and web apps will be discussed. Meaningful ways to design apps that appeal to a wide range of visitors and tips on creating more professional looking apps will be included in the training and interactive discussions. Taking notes and reviewing additional materials mentioned during the conference will help web developers and others when they attempt to create a web app.

Attending conferences like this one is an important way to improve web development skills or develop a passion for something new. As technology continues to evolve, both professionals and novice developers need to recognise changes in the way people obtain information online. Web apps, websites and other technology provide ways for visitors to access various types of information at any time. This is an exciting time to be a web developer.

Register for this conference and review the video links before the conference starts from home or at the office. Online conferences are a convenient way to learn new web development skills.