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£19.21 Liteon ETDU108-02 8x External Slimline Black DVD ROM

The LiteOn ETDU108-02 8x Slim External DVD ROM Drive is an ideal solution for those who own a netbook, laptop, desktops or a portable computer without any optical drive on it.

The device is quite handy if you want to watch movies, listen to music or access your photo collection from a DVD, whenever and wherever you want. The drive comes with a USB 2.0 port and a manual eject button is provided in case the optical disc gets jammed.

The drive weighs only 300 grams and it definitely adds to its portability and can fit easily in your laptop bag. The device is powered through the USB itself and so no need to carry around those bulky power cables and adapters.

The LiteOn ETDU108-02 is capable of reading all formats of CDs as well as DVD +/- R. The drive supports both 8cm and 12cm sized optical disks.

The external DVD ROM is compatible with all the major operating systems out there. As the title indicates it can read DVDs at 8x speeds while the CDs can be accessed at 24x speeds.

The Liteon ETDU108-02 8x External Slimline DVD ROM – Black is available from Amazon for £19.21.