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Apple Shares Dip After Steve Jobs' Death Is Announced

Apple's share price dipped slightly during after-hours transactions, as news of the death of Apple's Iconic co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs, emerged.

The technology company had suffered a significant dip in the afternoon of the 4th of October as analysts questioned Apple's launch of the iPhone 4S, which was seen as not being enough to compete with the combined rising threat of Android and Windows Phone smartphones.

However, the stock rallied towards the end of the day and ended on a high. Apple stock was trading at around $377 at the time of writing, valuing the company at roughly $350 billion.

As the co-founder of Apple, with his comrade Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs single-handedly brought back the company from the brink of bankruptcy in the 1990's before overseeing the golden age of Apple.

That started with the iPod and iTunes before extending to the iMac, the iPhone and the iPad. Apple is now the biggest technology company in the world (and momentarily the world's most valuable company outright) with a market capitalisation more than twice Google's.

With more than 46,600 employees, it has managed to consistently outflank its competitors delivering key metrics that can only be described as spectacular.

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