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Apple's Dominance Post Steve Jobs Death

Steve Jobs, the enigmatic and charismatic former CEO of Apple died at the age of 56 surrounded by his family members.

Steve Jobs brought Apple to the pinnacle it is at today and with cash reserves of estimated $76 billion and equivalent amount of assets there is no other company in the tech world to match what Apple has given to the world in terms of technology advancements and user friendly products.

Operating Systems, Smartphones, tablet computers, digital music; you name it and Steve Jobs has already created masterpieces. MacBook took the world of personal computing to an entirely new level. Communications couldn’t have been easier and fun than with iPhone. Portability coupled with advanced technologies combined into MacBook Air and iPads did wonders. iPods, iTouch enabled digital music to reach millions of people within a very short span of time.

Looking on, iCloud and iTunes Match are still to come and Steve Jobs would have brought much more to the table if he were to be alive.

As it stands, rivals like Samsung and Amazon are just following suite to rival the products envisaged by Steve Jobs. Every day a new rival of Apple pops out and tries to build smartphones, tablets, digital music players, etc. to rival the already popular Apple products.

Apple’s philosophy, as instilled by Steve Jobs, was to strive for excellence. “You are competing with smartphones or with music players – Apple did not invent those. You are competing with a way of creating things that does not involve committees and focus groups, but smart people doing their jobs”, said Gartner analyst Michael Gartenberg, notes The Financial Times.

Apple always believed in creating something itself and had a do-it-along approach right from the beginning. But, seemingly, this strategy has created more rivals for Apple than friends.

No. 1 rival of Apple as it stands is Google through its Android OS. All vendors have some or the other range of smartphones that work on Android. Android is even taking up the tablet space, slowly though, where Apple has maintained a lead.

In terms of smartphone and tablets, Samsung is the best example with new smartphones and tablets being rolled out left, right and centre by the Korean Giant.

Amazon through its services and recently launched Kindle Fire is targeting the services line-up of Apple and it remains to be seen that how long will Apple be able to counter the might of Amazon without Steve Jobs.

Share prices of Apple took a dip ealier today and time will tell how far will Apple be able to pull on and maintain the insurmountable lead over others.