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Cheapest iPhone 4S costs 500 quid

Apple has revealed the UK prices for the sim-free iPhone 4S - and they ain't cheap

All UK networks will be flogging the phone on contract deals that get you to sign your wonga away for a couple of years. But if you want to get get one direct from Apple, you'll need a fat wallet.

The basic 16GB model will set you back some £499, while the 32GB model costs £599.The top-of-the-range 64GB model, will set you back a hefty £699.

In comparison, the now outdated iPhone 4 still costs from £429 while its ancient sibling, the third, still commands a starting price of £319.

The last phone we bought was a Samsung for a tenner.

The iPhone 4S is scheduled to go on sale in the UK on October14th . monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.