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The Fate of Microsoft's Zune Media Player Remains a Mystery

Microsoft is confused about the lifespan of its Zune media player and cannot decide whether it should kill it off or not.

Zune was Microsoft’s feeble attempt to take on Apple’s iPod series, which are a rage among the masses. Zune failed to make headway in the market and shifted into obscurity.

Recently, Microsoft, high on the launch of its own mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, announced on the Zune support page that it will no longer produce the media player. All its music features will be incorporated into Windows Phone 7.

However, according to Beta News, the company removed that web page and claimed that Zune was still alive and breathing.

“We are still supporting the Zune HD hardware. No official info has been released stating hardware is being discontinued,” a Microsoft Zune support executive said in a Tweet, despite the fact that the Zune discontinuation announcement was made on the official Zune support page.

The mystery of Zune's fate is likely to continue until Microsoft makes a definitive decision concerning the media player.