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Google+ has New Security and Notification Features as Per User Suggestions and Comments

Google has updated its fledgling Google+ social networking platform with new privacy and notification features.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on MSNBC, Google+, which has garnered more than 20 million users since its launch now allows users greater control over the content they post and share on the platform.

Earlier, users were able to put sharing and commenting restrictions on their posts after they had posted the content. But now, with the new updates, users will be able to disable comments and prevent others from sharing their post, before they actually post the content.

"We've heard from many of you that you'd like to have these disable and lock features before you share and not after. So today I'm happy to say we're doing exactly that," said Google + engineer, Ebby Amirebrahimi. He also revealed that Google+ will be launching new features in the near future.

Another addition, which Google has not made public, is related to notifications on the platform. Soon, users will be able to see the numbers of notifications received on a new tab which will appear whenever the Google+ tab is opened.