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Google Optimises Docs for Android Honeycomb Tablets

Search engine giant Google has finally dished out the tablet optimised version of Google Docs for Android tablets running Honeycomb.

The new Google Docs, which covers the full screen of the tablet device, comes in a highly segmented and intuitive design.

The app features a three panel view, which allows users to navigate various Docs files and folders, view the document list and see document details and owners at the same time. The details section gives users’ a thumbnail preview of the selected document and allows them to see the people who own and shared it.

Google said in a post on its enterprise blog that the app, which is available for free from the Android Market, comes with support for 46 languages and supports devices running Android 3.0 or higher.

“Today’s update to the app makes Google Docs work better than ever on your tablet. With an entirely new design, we’ve customized the look to make the most of the larger screen space on tablets. The layout includes a three-panel view, which allows you to navigate through filters and collections, view your document list, and see document details, all at once,” Google said.