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HP and Dell to Launch Ultra Portable Laptops Within the Next Few Months

Spoiler alert for gadget lovers as the details of HP and Dell’s ultra portable laptops have been leaked on the Internet.

With original design manufacturer Quanta Computer readying production, HP will start producing its ultra portable laptop by the end of the year. Whereas Dell's model, manufactured by Wistron, will be released in January 2012 at the CES.

The exact specifications are not available, but it is certain that the HP and Dell models will be in line with Intel’s Ultrabook design specs. It is assumed that these models will have Apple-esque super thin cases, powerful processors, better battery life and USB 3.0 connectivity.

Even though Dell and HP are doing just as well in comparison to Lenovo, Acer, ASUS and Toshiba, the companies are launching their ultra portable laptops alittle later than other companies. Ultra portable labtops from other companies are due out in the coming months.

The processor to be used in HP and Dell ultra portable laptops, Intel’s Cedar Trail processor, is supposed to be delivered early next year. Any delay in the launch may be attributed to this.