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Jason Kilar Optimistic about Hulu Plus as it Hits 1 Million Paying Subscribers Milestone

Talking about the future plans, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar said that the paid subscription service of the company, Hulu Plus, will bring in more than half of its revenue in the coming 12 months.

This estimation was declared through a blog post on Hulu’s Q3 performance. The blog also mentions a major content partnership with Univision.

This summer Hulu Plus created history for itself by hitting one million paying subscribers. The CEO on Wednesday stated “Based on our research, we believe this represents the fastest ramp ever to 1 million paid subscribers among any video subscription service in US”.

The service of this company has recently been expanded to cover Japan where it has been made available to the paying subscribers only.

In the recent past, Hulu Plus has made its way through many connected devices. On this, Kilar said that Hulu Plus is available on 120 million devices at present.

The revenue of Hulu is based on the subscription fees as well as advertisements. However, the share of the ads on the revenue is considerably less as compared to the subscription fees. But, the importance of the ads in the revenue is no less as Kilar in the past has accepted it.