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Klout Adds WordPress to Scoring System

In mid-September, Klout announced the Blogger and Tumblr platforms would have a role in determining one’s Klout score; at the time users of WordPress were not included in that statement.

But since then, Klout has added to its scoring system that also factors in 11 other services including Facebook, Blogger, Flickr, Foursquare, Linkedln, Google+, Instagram,, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube.

”People love WordPress and have put a ton of effort creating their blogs and building and influencing their audience,” Klout CEO, Joe Fernandez told Mashable. Concerning future plans, he commented that the company's goal is to “measure influence” wherever it occurs and that “Posterous, Quora, Yelp and and many others are on our roadmap.”

Many have criticised that Klout has not done much to help people understand their score. To this, Fernandez said that throughout this year the company will be releasing a series of features to address this issue. These new features should help people better understand their Klout score so they can make improvements as necessary to raise and maintain a higher score.