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Microsoft to release an application that allows for the control of an Xbox 360 from a Windows Phone 7 mobile phone

Seattle based software and hardware developers Microsoft is due to release an application for the Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’ handset operating system, which allows for the control of a home Xbox 360 gaming console under the name of the Xbox Companion App.

This news came from a blog post on the Microsoft Windows Team blog, which detailed new improvements coming to the Xbox soon where this very app has also been caught on video.

The video demonstrates, around the 1minute mark, a Windows Phone ‘Mango’ handset being used to search for content on the Xbox Live feature of a WP7 phone – which then appears on the Xbox, connected to a TV screen.

Xbox Companion App will be free for Windows Phone users and offers feature such as Find, Learn more about and Control content from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on an Xbox 360.

The application’s Control & Play feature offers a ‘controller mode’, which allows for the navigation around the gaming console, or controlling video playback of video and as easy and as fast as using a TV remote controller.

Microsoft’s Xbox Companion app will available soon, where One Mobile Ring will keep you informed of its arrival.

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