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Microsoft to Use Touch Enabled Start Menu on Windows 8

Microsoft has claimed that its decision to replace the traditional Start menu with a touch oriented one in Windows 8 is to bring the touch revolution to personal computers.

Although touch enabled desktops are currently available, these devices have not made the impact that touch technology in smartphones and tablets has.

When the software giant announced it had replaced the traditional Start menu with a touch enabled one, the news had drew a mixed reaction from people following the development of the platform.

In a blog post (opens in new tab), Microsoft’s Chaitanya Sareen, the program manager lead on Microsoft's Core Experience Evolved team, tried to address concerns people had with using the touch enabled Start menu with a mouse among other issues.

“The one place touch has not yet become mainstream but it is on the most capable of all the devices you use. Just like the introduction of the mouse, innovations like this do not happen without new OS support, new apps, and new hardware,” Sareen wrote.

“We believe that, as with the mouse, we will see touch augmenting, but not replacing, most every aspect of the PC experience over time. Achieving this starts with the Windows 8 Developer Preview,” he added.