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Oracle Reveals Future Plans about Java at OpenWorld

Oracle has announced its future plans for Java language and its ecosystem for PCs at the OpenWorld conference on the second day. Oracle has also updated the JavaFX platform and gave out details about the new version of Java i.e. 8 along with Java EE.

On the mobile technology front, Oracle declared that they will keep on investing on mobile platforms like Java ME and Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) mobile.

On the future of Java, Oracle is all set with a clear road map. Oracle’s senior Vice President Hasan Rizvi during the 2011 JavaOne strategy keynote revealed the future plans for the Java platform and gave product demonstrations that illustrated the latest innovations of the Java technology.

Oracle officially confirmed that Java runs on 97 percent of enterprise desktops and the Java platform is targeted by 80 percent of the mobile developers.

About the JavaFX 2.0, Oracle announced that it is an advanced Java user interface (UI) platform designed specifically for enterprise business applications and it is a next step towards the development of Java as a premier rich client platform.

Oracle is also ready with plans for the future of the Java Standard Edition the Java SE. Oracle will release Mac OS X and will also update the Java SE 8. In short, Oracle is ready for the future and Java platform is the centre of it.