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Rackspace to spin OpenStack off into non-profit

Hosting provider Rackspace has announced plans to spin off its highly successful open source cloud computing platform OpenStack into a non-profit company to, it says, better drive adoption.

Originally developed to drive Rackspace's cloud infrastructure, OpenStack was released to the public in July last year in order to provide a vendor-agnostic and flexible infrastructure platform onto which cloud services can be deployed.

It wasn't all give for Rackspace, of course: by opening the development of the platform out to the public, the company saw the product driven to new heights by an enthusiastic open source community. The most recent release, Diablo, adds new functionality including a revamped dashboard for infrastructure management and implementation of advanced networking technologies under the Quantum project.

The software has plenty of big names behind it, including NASA, Intel, HP, Dell, AMD, Cisco and Citrix, but Rackspace feels that the time has come to cut the corporate ties and allow the project to flourish as a truly open entity.

Speaking to Australian IT site ARN, Rackspace's vice president of business development Mark Collier explained his company's move as addressing the a fundamental concern with corporate ownership: the fact that a big-hitter with a bad reputation in the open source community like Oracle could come along and snap up Rackspace, getting OpenStack into the bargain.

"We just felt [it was time to] give the intellectual property assets an independent home, and not to be tied to any one company," Collier claimed, while admitting that decisions have yet to be made on how the non-profit organisation will be managed and governed. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.