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Salesforce CEO Emphasises the Need for Social Media in Business During Keynote at OpenWorld Conference CEO Mark Benioff uses his keynote speech at the Oracle OpenWorld conference to push Salesforce’s social enterprise concept.

Benioff had announced on Twitter that former friend, Oracle CEO Larry Elison, had deliberately cancelled and moved his keynote speech at the Open World conference. Oracle later claimed that due to overwhelming attendance, they had to reschedule some of the keynotes.

Instead, the Salesforce founder gave a keynote across from where the OpenWorld conference was happening.

Apart from marketing the so-called social enterprise, Benioff also took potshots at Elison, claiming that he “wasn't in touch with the sense of the audience”, as reported by Cnet.

Benioff argued that social media was the next big thing and could be used in enterprise to give it the boost it needs when it comes to teamwork and collaboration.

“We're being ushered into a new era thanks to Mark Zuckerberg. This social revolution is actually how our team...was able to use this new technology to turn on a dime starting at 3:30. I dont think we could have done that two years ago,” he said.

“People now have an alternative way of communicating. You don't have to have the formal Oracle OpenWorld communication to organise in a few hours,” he added.