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Samsung Wave II 8530 iPhone 4 Rival Now Available From £99.95

Take the original Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, cut the size of the screen by 10 per cent, swap the OS from Android to Bada OS, tweak the design and you get the Samsung Wave II 8530.

At less than £100 at Carphone Warehouse including delivery, it is the cheapest smartphone on the market with a 1GHz system on chip, the same Samsung Hummingbird SoC as the Galaxy S.

Note that you will have to purchase a £10 top up though and the phone, although advertised as being on PAYG, is almost certainly unlocked.

The Wave II comes with a 3.7-inch Super Clear LCD screen covered with Gorilla Glass and with a WVGA resolution, a five megapixel camera with HD recording capabilities, 2GB onboard storage, Wi-Fi, Bada OS as well as access to a few thousand Samsung Apps and the company's own Social hub and live phone book.

Given that it is less than one year old, one might wonder whether its disappointing sales could explain why Samsung has decided to slash the price of the 8530 to under £100. If only the device could be hacked to install Android OS on it. Samsung is also expected to update the handset from the current Bada OS 1.2 to the newer Bada 2.0 at some point.

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