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Social Networks To Pocket $10 Billion in Ad Revenues by 2013 Says Study

According to a eMarketer study, the ad revenue generated by the social networks will hit $10 billion by 2013. The same study predicted that this year the ad revenue of the global social network will hit $ 5.5 billion.

Hugely popular social networking site Facebook topped the charts in the study that predicted that good amount of revenue is going towards the Facebook. In the second spot it is the microblogging site Twitter. The social networking site for working professionals LinkedIn will have 3% of the ad revenue which is $140.8 million.

About the growth of the ad revenue of LinkedIn, researchers noted that even though it has tripled in two years, the growth is slowing down. However, on a positive note a representative of eMarketer Clark Fredricksen said “LinkedIn’s made it pretty clear that the horse they’re riding is their recruiting business” thus they should not be much concerned about the ad revenue. On the same statement he further added that, “But they make a handy chunk from advertising for sure.”

The same study further revealed that, in the current year the social networking sites are capturing 6.9% of global ad spending and 8.8% of U.S. ad dollars.