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Twitter Users Underwhelmed by Apple iPhone 4S

Although two days ago Apple announced better integration of Twitter along with the iPhone 4S, a recent survey shows (opens in new tab) that Tweeters, for the most part, were not impressed.

According to a study by social media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon, almost half of the Twitter users have a negative opinion about Apple's new release. 49 percent of the respondents were not at all that happy with iPhone 4S. 33 percent of them can't get over the fact that they didn't introduce the iPhone 5, while 16 percent don't believe that Tim Cook can successfully replace Steve Jobs.

25 percent of Tweeters revealed a positive attitude towards the iPhone 4S. Just 14 percent of them declared themselves to be "excited about the new iPhone 4S" and 11 percent intend to buy Apple's new iPhone. Round about a quarter of those questioned in the "Twittersphere" seemed to be not particularly interested either way.

As the analysts point out, Twitter chatter might not prove to be an accurate indicator of market shifts. It just remains to be seen after October 14th whether users decide that the Siri Assistant, dual core A5 processor, dual antenna, 8MP camera, along with other features will make iPhone 4S an appealing acquisition.

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