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UK Survey Reveals Mobile Phone Time Consumption; 90 Percent Take Phone Calls While Socialising

One in eight Britons believe that their partner spends more time on his or her smartphone than with them.

According to a new survey, men keep their smartphone near them 17 hours a day while one in five men sleep with their phones next to them. Women carry their phones about 15 hours a day and 16 percent sleep with their phones next to them.

A staggering 34 percent people admitted to sending text messages or emails during a face-to-face conversation while 27 percent of them claimed to keep an eye out for the red light blinking on their phones during dinner or while watching a movie.

The survey, conducted by home insurance company Sheilas’ Wheels, also revealed that 90 percent of respondents answered phone calls during a social occasion.

"The addiction to our phones is not just taking its toll on our social lives, but is also making us more susceptible to fraud and burglary. Many people seem to enter their own bubble when they pick up the phone and don't look around to see who could be listening or watching what's being typed,” said Jacky Brown of Sheilas' Wheels.

“Homeowners should try to keep personal calls to the safety of their own home rather than in a public place so as not to reveal any sensitive information,” the executive added.