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£86.99 Samsung SyncMaster E2220N TFT LCD 21.5" VGA Monitor

The Samsung SyncMaster E2220N TFT LCD is an ideal entry level VGA monitor if you looking to change your old monitor for a modern but affordable LCD display.

With dynamic contrast ratio of 70000:1 and a response time of 5ms you are sure to get perfect output while you are working away on your computer or watching movies with high action or playing games with enhanced graphics or watching internet streamed content.

The E2220N has a 21.5-inch screen and will provide you with 1920 x 1080 display resolution without the motion judder, blurring, and ghosting that can occur on a slower monitor.

At a colour depth of 16.7 million colours you will get deeper, more dramatic dark tones and brighter, more striking light tones with vivid colour and brilliant natural intensity.

Few of the special features of this monitor are MagicBright3, MagicEco, MagicAngle, Off timer, Image Size Colour Effect, Customised key, etc.

The only drawback it seems is that the monitor doesn’t have any other ports except a standard VGA port. But, looking at the price, this drawback may be side-lined.

The Samsung SyncMaster E2220N TFT LCD 21.5" VGA Monitor is available from ebuyer for £86.99.