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Can Amazon Kindle Fire Exceed iPad 2 Sales at Launch?

Amazon's Kindle Fire is registering extremely high pre-orders, according to internal sources, with more than 250,000 buyers already lined up to get the newly unveiled tablet.

According to Fox News (opens in new tab), an average of 50,000 orders daily are recorded by Amazon's system, that is more than one order every two seconds. The other Kindle devices scored far lower, with 20,000 pre-orders for the Kindle Touch and 12,000 pre-orders for the Kindle Touch 3G.

A leaked screenshot from Amazon's SKU aggregator showed that on 3rd of October, six weeks before the Kindle Fire's first official day of sales, 254,000 pre-orders had already been registered.

By comparison, Apple sold 300,000 units in the first day of the iPad's availability; this figure included at the time pre-orders and sales to partners and retail channels. Whilst there were one million iPad 2 tablets sold in the first weekend alone.

Cult Of Android extrapolates those figures to suggest this will "make the Kindle Fire's launch likely to be the biggest tablet launch in history, beating both the iPad and iPad 2 in first month sales."

This sounds maybe a little optimistic as Apple sold around 2.4 million iPad 2 tablets in the first month; however, with 6 weeks to go and apparently quarter of a million pre-orders in just a week, perhaps it's not so far-fetched.

Analysts believe that with the release of Kindle Fire, Amazon is very determined to bite a big chunk out of Apple's tablet market share. Amazon considers its more consumer-friendly pricing to be one of the heaviest weapons in this war.

The strategy might backfire though, if consumers think that with the far lower price (less than half) they will not be getting the true (iPad-like) tablet experience, as some of the Kindle Fire's scaled back features might also suggest. The purported pre-order figures would suggest this is not the case.

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