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Steve Jobs' Death Used to Fuel Cyber Scam on Facebook

Shameless Facebook scammers have moved to exploit the death of late visionary Steve Jobs on the social networking platform.

According to online firm Sophos, cyber-criminals have created a scam in which they claim that a certain company is offering 50 free iPads in memory of the deceased iCon. To get the ‘free’ iPads, users are being asked to take a survey.

The scam includes an innocent looking ‘R.I.P Steve Jobs’ tag line and the URL has been shortened using Sophos states the scam appeared only two hours after the death of Steve Jobs was announced.

According to the URL shortening website, scammers have fooled more than 25,669 people from 100 countries into taking the survey in pre-text of offering free tablet devices. Sophos has asked the company to shut down the link and it happily obliged.

“Cynically, they exploited the death of Steve Jobs in the hope of driving large numbers of Internet users to websites offering content such as contests, surveys and online gambling. The fact is, of course, that they could just as easily have taken those users to a web page containing malicious code or a phishing page designed to steal credentials,” wrote Graham Cluley of Sophos.