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Facebook Adds Text Translation Feature to Help Users Communicate with Each Other More Effectively

Facebook has created a new post and comment translation feature on the platform, which is powered by Microsoft’s Bing Translator.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on ZD Net, the new feature will finally break the language barrier that separates Facebook’s 700 million members.

The feature allows users to translate comments and posts in their native language or the language which they have chosen for their Facebook account.

Facebook explained that if content is written in a language different from the one which is set, a ‘Translate’ button appears next the post. Click the button to show the translated post in the user’s own language. An ‘Original’ button also appears in place of the ‘Translate’ button, which can be used to view the original text.

The feature is available to users whose language is set to Korean, Japanese, Russian, Taiwanese, and Chinese, but will one day be extended to support 37 languages.

“Users then have the opportunity to submit their own translation by opting-in to using inline translations. After the user generated translation has received enough positive votes, it will replace the Bing translation and will appear each time someone clicks on the translate button associated with the post,” claims Facebook in a post.