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Google Books Make it to UK Shores

It took time, but finally Google Books made its way and reached UK shores after enjoying a successful exclusivity in U.S.

This means that the British users will now be able to get access to purchase published books to read on their phones and tablets. Potential users will require mobile handset with Android 2.1 or later to avail the advantage of the application which has been launched alongside the browser-based store.

“Readers in the UK now have access to the world’s largest e-books collection, with hundreds of thousands of e-books for sale--from major UK publishers like Hachette, Random House and Penguin-- as well as more than two million public domain e-books for free”, Google said in a statement.

The latest Kindle by Amazon, which will just cost £89, will help to convert lot of book lovers to digital and Google can definitely incur some benefit with its literary application notes CNET.

In Android Marketplace also, a Books section has been added with the regular applications and games. These e-books will be available and work on smart phones, tablets, laptops and e-readers.

Google was embroiled in some controversy earlier regarding infringement of copyright in the literary field. Various publishers, groups and individuals accused Google of infringing copyright for its Google Print service.