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HP to Introduce 'Memorister'; Part Memory, Part Resistor Within 18 months

Stan Williams, a senior fellow at HP labs declared that the “memristor” two-terminal non-volatile memory technology in development since 2008 will finally reach the market within 18 months.

At the International Electronics Forum, Williams told the audience,”We have a lot of big plans for it and we’re working with Hynix Semiconductor to launch a replacement for flash in the summer of 2013 and also to address the solid-state drive market.”

The memristor metrics, in terms of energy to change a bit, read, write time, retention and endurance, was compelling enough for the HP-Hynix team to consider flash replacement a done deal, said Williams.

Assuring that memristor will become universal memory soon, Williams said, “So in 2014/2015 we’ll be going after DRAM and after that the SRAM market.”

Williams denied to discuss any details related to the process technology, memory capacity and memory-effect material that HP or Hynix are working with. However, he revealed that the first commercial memory would be a multi-layer device.

The memristor, a name derived from a combination of memory and resistor, was a theoretical two-terminal device from which Leon Chua in 1971 derived its electrical behavior.