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HP TouchPad Gets Android Through Test App

A test version of the WebOS application package or IPK file that allows you to run Android on HP TouchPad has been developed by a Chinese developer who goes by the pseudonym Chomper.

If this application is installed on HP TouchPad, the IPK will let users run the Android as if they were having Android based TouchPad.

TouchPad users who are willing to try their hands on this new application can download the IPK from a Chinese Web Site (Google Translate version).

In regards to performance of Android on TouchPad, Engadget commented that installed in this way the Android runs smoothly but it has also been noted that neither audio nor multi touch works till now and there are issues when bouncing between home screens or playing YouTube videos.

PreCentral’s report on this says that as this method is like forcing Android to work in emulation mode, performance is likely to be affected and also added that it has a lot of potential here if some bugs can be removed.

When HP launched a fire sale to clear out the excess of the discontinued TouchPad, the sales of this tablet increased which eventually forced the developers to strive to bring Android to HP TouchPad.