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iPhone 4S: All The Specs, Features, Reviews, Pricing, Availability & Software

1945, 18th October 2011: There are reports that Siri is facing some connectivity problems due to the high level over requests via the new voice Assistant.

1400, 18th October 2011: Many stores have sold out of the iPhone 4S and Apple has asked customers to reserve their handset a day in advance before coming to Apple Stores to purchase the handset.

1300, 17th October 2011: A new high-quality video conferencing app for the 4S is announced named VidyoMobile.

1030, 17th October 2011: The unlocked versions of the iPhone 4S should be available in November according to recent reports.

2230, 16th October 2011: It appears that certain functions of the Siri voice Assistant are not available ouside the US at the moment.

2100, 16th October 2011: First reviews of the new video quality on the smartphone have been very positive, see a sample video here.

1430, 15th October 2011: A new jailbreaking tool for iOS 5 does unfortunately not support the iPhone 4S or the iPad 2.

1900, 14th October 2011: Those looking to trade in their iPhone 4 for the new handset need to act quickly as resale prices begin to drop sharply.

1800, 14th October 2011: Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak has been queuing overnight outside an Apple Store in California to be the first in line for the new smartphone.

1645, 14th October 2011: 3 Mobile steps forward to offer the new cheapest iPhone 4S deal in the UK with £115 cashback offer.

1530, 14th October 2011: After criticism of the iPhone 4S battery in relation to standby time, a new technology which will help prolong battery life over bluetooth comes to light.

1400, 14th October 2011: As the first customers bring home their new device we have a video of an iPhone 4S unboxing.

1100, 14th October 2011: Sales officially started at 0800 in the UK with those queuing being provided with waiting numbers by Apple to maintain some kind of order, read a Stock and Launch Update here.

1000, 14th October 2011: The cheapest iPhone 4S deal with data so far has been announced by Tesco Mobile.

2100, 13th October 2011: Teardown specialists iFixit have managed to get hold of an iPhone 4S and the analysis reveals amongst other things a new Qualcomm chip.

1850, 13th October 2011: Apple has placed an order for an additional 5 million iPhone 4S handsets with manufacturer Pegatron in response to record preorders and positive consumer reaction.

1430, 13th October 2011: Reports that Sprint would be offering an unlocked MicroSIM slot for worldwide roaming on GSM networks have been rebutted by the US carrier.

1145, 13th October 2011: Critics have pointed out that Apple's new smartphone has the worst standby time of any iPhone yet.

1855, 12th October 2011: Vodafone has chopped the prices for its iPhone 4S deals by as much as £120.

1730, 12th October 2011: Benchmark speed tests show that the iPhone 4S is a tad slower than the iPad 2, with its A5 CPU clocked at around 800MHz; it easily outperforms the iPhone 4 and top Android phones (on Gingerbread).

1100, 12th October 2011: Reports suggest that the iPhone 4S comes with the same 512MB RAM as its predecessor.

1400, 11th October 2011: iPhone 4S tops previous preorders record hitting one million in the first 24 hours. Apple's SVP of marketing Schiller, said “The first day pre-orders for iPhone 4S have been the most for any new product that Apple has ever launched and we are thrilled that customers love iPhone 4S as much as we do.”

1030, 11th October 2011: After getting iPhone 4S unlimited data plans not such good news for Sprint customers now as the carrier is to drop the Total Equipment Protection for iPhone handsets, may have to fork out $99 for AppleCare protection instead.

1830, 10th October 2011: Analysts are already speculating about when the standout voice control feature of the iPhone 4S the Siri Assistant will be available on the iPad.

1300, 10th October 2011: iPhone 4S proves to be the iPhone model with the largest number of requests so far. That's what AT&T comes to suggest, after they announced that during the first 12 hours they have received more than 200,000 pre-orders. If the high demand persists, the iPhone 4S could break old records and become the top selling iPhone so far.

1500, 8th October 2011: The newest carrier for iPhone 4S, Sprint, will offer unlimited data plans to its customers with the iPhone 4S. The plan starts at $70 per month and could prove to be a good financial idea for Sprint; the carrier being the only one to have this type of plan.

1600, 7th October 2011: The iPhone 4S pricing is now official for the European Market. In UK, you'll have to pay 700 pounds for the 64 GB version of iPhone 4S, 600 pounds for the 32 GB one and 500 pounds for the 16 GB version. For Germany and France, €849.00, €739.00 and €629.00.

1245, 7th October 2011: Preorders for the iPhone 4S have been opened and already Apple's confirmation web page is super slow. Details of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus otherwise known as the Prime have been released.

2000, 6th October 2011: Here's an article about a comparison between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 when it comes to specifications and the latest stock update from Carphone Warehouse subsidiary,

1900, 6th October 2011: You can win an iPhone 4S by entering our competition - which ends on the 21st of October - here.

1800, 6th October 2011: Personalities worldwide, from China to The US, have paid tribute to Steve Jobs and tributes are still pouring in following his death. We wonder whether Steve Jobs was not acutely aware of his impending death but somehow managed to gather some superhuman strength to deal with it AND transform Apple into the company it it has become.

1400, 6th October 2011: Already all major UK networks excluding Tesco, Talkmobile and Virgin Mobile have announced that they will be selling the iPhone 4S.

1130, 6th October 2011: Steve Jobs has died. Apple's iconic CEO was a true visionary and somehow we feel that he waited for Tim Cook's first outing in the open world and the launch of the iPhone 4S before finally bidding goodbye to everyone. Shares of Apple have dipped following the announcement of his death.

You can read Tim Cook's letter announcing Jobs' death, the letter from the board of directors as well as the letter from his family here.

1830, 5th October 2011: Is the iPhone 4S a stop-gap for the iPhone 5 as the latter prepares to become an LTE phone? Possibly. As to what prevented Apple launching an LTE/4G iPhone 5 this year, there's at least one good reason.

1800, 5th October 2011: Samsung claims that the S2 is better than the iPhone 4S and has produced a chart to back it up. At the same time though, the Korean company has announced that it wants the iPhone 4S to be blocked in France and Italy.

1745, 5th October 2011: The iPhone 4S will be lauched in the UK on the 14th of October with preorders being taken from the 7th of October.

1700, 5th October 2011: Will the iPhone 4S reshape the smartphone market? Answers on a post card or depending on whether the Nexus Prime succeeds.

1245, 5th October 2011: Yesterday saw the launch of Apple's fifth generation smartphone (actually seventh if you include the "new" 8GB iPhone 4 and 8GB iPhone 3GS) at Apple's Cupertino HQ in California. The main presenter was Apple's new CEO, Tim Cook, with guest appearances from Eddie Cue and Phil Schiller.

We asked ourselves why Apple is still selling the iPhone 3GS at the same time as the iPhone 4 and the 4S and whether Apple will be introducing the iPhone 5 soon. The introduction of the iPhone 4S initially had a negative impact on Apple's stock as analysts questioned whether Apple did enough to fend off rivals that use the Android or Windows Phone platforms.

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