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Microsoft to Develop a Universal Gaming Portal for Smartphones, Tablets, Consoles and TV

Windows maker Microsoft Corp. is considering developing a brand new “universal gaming portal," which will allow gamers to start and finish any Xbox 360 games on any device - be it on a smartphone, console, TV or tablet.

The company is expected to introduce the new offering sometime next year. The new technology, if truly implemented, will be the eventual outcome of the exponential growth that the tablet and smartphone devices have undergone so far.

According to reports, the Redmond based technology giant was working on the new interconnected single ecosystem from a while. However, that effort was primarily concentrated at unifying all its platforms including Windows.

But this new report highlights how the company is working on bringing the Xbox 360 to its other platforms as well.

“This won't be the first try for Microsoft, either. It dipped its toes into cross-platform gaming when it connected simplified Xbox Live games with its Windows Phone 7 smartphones,” from a Dvice report.

“The integration is limited, but it's no doubt a sector in which Microsoft wants to win,” the report stated.