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Mozilla Puts Firefox 3.6 to 7.1 Advertised Update Plan on Hold

To make sure that its servers are up to the task, Mozilla, the open-source web browser maker, has decided to postpone its plan to prompt the users of Firefox 3.6 to upgrade to the latest versions of Firefox.

Mozilla, had earlier planned to flip a switch for the users of Firefox 3.6 that will prompt the users to update to the latest version, which is Firefox 7.0.1.

In September, Firefox 3.6 was the most widely used version of this browser. And thus Mozilla expected that an upgrade prompt will help them to get more users. However, Mozilla has now postponed this plan.

“The previously scheduled 3.6-to-7.0.1 advertised update is now postponed while we make sure our server capacity is sufficient for release”, Christian Legnitto of Mozilla wrote in a blog post. “Once the investigation is complete i will communicate a new date well in advance so all stakeholders can plan accordingly”, he added.

Mentioning that running servers for major online services is not all that easy, Mozilla yesterday said that they were facing server overload problems for Firefox Sync, which is a service that keeps bookmarks, passwords, tabs and other such settings in step across multiple versions of the browser on several devices.