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New Apple iPod Nano Comes With Son Of A5

The new iPod Nano has gone through the traditional process at iFixit shortly after its launch, and dismantling the popular music player has revealed that Apple has brought in a new ARM-based application processor.

According to UBMTechInsights, the model, called the Apple 339S0104, is in fact a rebadged Samsung APL3278A01 ARM application processor, with 64MB of Mobile DDR SDRAM from the Korean manufacturer.

It is worth noting that Apple has also switched suppliers when it comes to the flash memory, from Toshiba to SanDisk, but has kept most if not all of the other components from the previous Nano.

The new player also sports a refreshed user interface that supports 16 new clock designs, some firmware that allows users to get an "improved fitness experience" and which will be available for the previous iPod Nano as well.

Probably one of the reasons why the diminutive media player has been such a success is the fact that it is relatively cheap, portable and comes with a 240x240 pixel multitouch display that just works.

Apple has also dropped the price of the player; the 8GB model is now available for £115 while the 16GB one can be had for £129.

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