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Rackspace Relinquishes Control of OpenStack

Having witnessed an overwhelming popularity enjoyed by its software, Rackspace - the leading provider of cloud solutions, has announced that it is planning to come up with a standalone non-profit foundation in order to properly administer the future developments of the massively popular OpenStack cloud software suit.

The official announcement in this regard is likely to be made on Thursday at the OpenStack conference that is underway in Boston.

The trademark and copyrights of OpenStack are currently owned by RackSpace Cloud, founded more than 5 years back on March 4, 2006. The company is currently planning to transfer the ownership of all these resources to the new foundation right after it becomes fully operational.

As it stands, Rackspace has not provided any clue how the foundation is going to be run. But, chances are that the company is going to take the feedback from the OpenStack users and contributors while deciding on the best model, Jonathan Bryce, the chairman of the OpenStack project policy board said.

“The moment we decided we wanted to do it, we wanted to tell everyone. Otherwise people wouldn't feel they were involved in the decision-making process," Mark Collier, Rackspace vice president of business development, stated, according to a PC World report.