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Spotify Adds Music Subscription Service to the WD TV Media Player

Spotify has added its music subscription service to the WD TV media player.

For the first time Spotify will be available on a connected TV device in U.S. This means that device maker Western Digital has scored over industry leaders like Apple and Google as well as hipper start-ups like Roku and Boxee.

In the middle of July, the U.S. witnessed the launch of Spotify which provided support for various mobile handsets as well as connected audio players from Sonos and Logitech and a home theater receiver from Onkyo.

Until now, only subscribers of the European cable TV operator TeliaSonera have been able to enjoy Spotify on the TV screen.

Spotify’s competitors continue to expand into the connected TV space with various services for applications like MOG and Grooveshark available on platforms like Boxee and Roku.

Pandora, which is the second-most popular application on platforms like Roku, is the main reason behind all these latest developments.

The CEO of Pandora, Tom Conrad, stated at the GigaOM’s Mobilize conference, that in the near future he is expecting connected devices and car stereos to cover the majority of Pandora’s traffic.