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Survey Reveals 47% of UK Video Game Developers Self-Publishing; 67% of Those Games for iPhone

With the emergence of the smartphone as the most popular gaming platform at present, video game developers in UK are turning to self-publication.

In a recent survey, 47 percent game developers in UK self-publish games; 67 percent for the Apple iPhone.

The results of the same survey also showed that social networks are another popular platform for self-publishing with 31 percent producing games for Facebook.

These findings were reported in the industry body TIGA’s State of the Development Sector Report. The survey was completed by 104 game developers. In the survey, developers expressed concern that subsidies given to companies making games abroad were holding back developments in the UK.

The video game industry in the UK contributes around £1 billion to UK GDP and also employs 9000 staff in 278 gaming studios or 441 games related businesses.

But these figures are threatened by national and regional subsidies awarded to 17 states in the USA and other countries such as Australia, Canada, South Korea and France where cheaper game productions are possible.

A third of UK developers claim that what prevents them from growing is the fact that their principal competition has this advantage in the global market.