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Virgin Mobile Customers Gifted With Orange Network Connectivity

Recombu has been informed exclusively by a media representative of Virgin that the customers of Virgin mobile will now be able to use the Orange network from this week to make and receive calls, send text messages and browse the internet.

This is good news for the customers of Virgin mobiles as this means more coverage. Virgin Mobile is actually a Mobile Virtual Network Operator just like the Tesco and thus it does not own its own network. So currently it is using T-Mobile’s network in UK.

It is believed that Virgin Mobile customers would be benefited not only because of extended coverage through Orange Earlier, but from EverythingEverywhere as well because of Merger of Orange and T-Mobile.

With this merger, the customers of Virgin mobile would be benefited from coverage on both networks in just few weeks. This is the result of either a deal between both the companies or it has become possible due to technical viability.

By the end of the year the rollout will be complete and the all new customers will automatically be able to use Orange, whereas very soon the existing customers will start receiving text informing the same.