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Fire me up Amazon : How Silk Could Change Browsers Further

One of the key features of the Amazon Kindle is its new Silk browser. Silk offloads much of the caching to the cloud and is able to start pre-loading webpages based on typical behaviour. For example, if you come onto ITProPortal and typically go to the Business section from the home page, the Fire will have learnt this behaviour and will automatically pre-load that section. Silk then promises to speed up web pages, reducing a big advantage of native apps, adding extra weight to the argument to develop cross-platform web-apps.

As most of the data storage will be done in the cloud for free the Fire can get away with having minimal (8GB) memory. It does mean that if owners want to access any of your Amazon purchased content, you must do it from Wi-Fi, which is fine as long as you’re not on a plane, train or in the car (unless you’re lucky).

This is why the price of the hardware is as low as it is, everything they need through them, owners will have little reason to look anywhere else.

Why would anyone buy their music and films from anywhere other than Amazon when they can store their data in the cloud and access it online through numerous other devices – this tactic hasn’t exactly hurt Apple after all!

Another positive includes the fact that this is making tablets and apps a lot more accessible to the public should only prove to open up further opportunities in terms of volume. It should also help to grow the importance of mobile devices as a whole, where people want devices that they can consume content on.

This is great news for developers and clients alike as it raises the profile of consumer apps to potentially reach far more people, increasing the importance of having apps in the first place.

A lot will be said in the coming weeks about the Kindle Fire rivalling the iPad, which in some respect it certainly will, but the really interesting thing is that this could open up opportunities for people who previously would not have considered buying a tablet at all.