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'iPhone 5' Handsets On Sale For Just $31!

All those disappointed that Apple released 'just' the iPhone 4S earlier this week, will be excited to know that the iPhone 5 is available, and for only $31!

The fake handsets (opens in new tab) (if I really needed to point that out) are being offered via, a popular online marketplace in China. It may seem almost offensive to any slightly informed client, but there are a large number of sellers who prey on eager customers lacking in knowledge.

It seems very unlikely that anyone would fall for such a scheme, but on the Chinese market selling fake Apple technology, on- or offline, is commonplace. Whenever a new product is introduced to the market the moment is always exploited by counterfeiters.

Figures show that 10% of technology devices worth around $100 billion are fake products, so Apple fans willing to get their hands on new iPhone 4S should be very attentive when ordering online.

Experts point out that in order to limit the risk of buying fake devices, users should be extra careful; looking for the lowest price available is not a good decision, as the fakes can be on average 65% under the list price but with far lower performance (slower processor, lack of some features, shorter battery life).

Another indication is the large volume of units available. When it comes to Apple, the control over the retail chain is quite tight and for the hottest devices excess inventory is not allowed. Return policy (30 to 90 days) and warranty (typically a year) are always to be considered by customers.

Since yesterday the genuine iPhone 4S has been available for preorder, users are advised to check the retail sources.

You can win an iPhone 4S by entering our competition - which ends on the 21st of October - here.

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