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Why NOT to Buy the iPhone 4S

As the enthusiasm cools off after Apple's recent event (some would say during), the newly unveiled iPhone 4S was bound to face some criticism. The main shortcomings of the iPhone 4S have been set out in a piece published by Main Device (opens in new tab).

Design. Nothing has really changed as far as design is concerned; some of the most negative reactions came almost immediately from the Chinese blogosphere. Users expected a completely re-designed iPhone, with a thinner body, larger display and a more stylish appearance.

Battery Life. At the release of iPhone 4S, the pitchman pointed out the improved battery performance when it comes to talk time in 3G giving the user an extra hour. He didn't highlight howver, that in standby mode the iPhone 4 is superior to its successor, giving the user 100 hours more.

The Competition. There are a number of worthy opponents to the iPhone 4S with specs that can more than match up, such as Samsung's Galaxy S2, and a stream of 'superphones' from HTC, LG and Motorola (now in the hand sof Google). At an event expected to take place this coming Tuesday, October 11th, Samsung and Google will join together to launch perhaps the strongest rival yet: the Nexus Prime, which will feature the highly-anticipated Android upgrade, Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Price. The unsubsidised price for an unlocked iPhone 4S might also discourage customers. At £699 ($849 in US) it does seem quite steep, particularly given that a recent estimate puts the production cost for iPhone 4S at $203 (for 32GB model).

And finally, here's an even better reason...

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